Bathtub Replacement and Bathtub Surround Installation

Installing a bathtub in an existing bathtub cost significantly more than installing a bathtub replacement in the existing bathtub. Both bathtub contractors and plumbers install bathtubs. A simple bathtub replacement usually takes 1 day. A bathtub replacement and bathtub surround installation usually takes 3 days or more. However, bathtub replacement ideas can be implemented that will reduce these installations time by at least half.

If your bathtub replacement does not include a bathtub surround, you will need to prepare the bathtub replacement surface by cleaning and sanding it to prepare it for installation. Many bathtub replacement surfaces come pre-sealed with sealant so this preparation is not necessary. You should only need to seal the edges of the bathtub replacement surface with some sealant if you plan on sealing the sides of the new tub into the bathtub surrounds.

If you have old cast iron bathtubs, the chances are there is already some moisture settling on the floor of your bathtub replacement. In order to prevent moisture buildup in your subfloor, you may consider waterproofing the bathtub replacement surface of your bathtub or replacing your existing bathtub with a new one with a waterproof surface. Leaks under your bathtub are common if your bathtub drain is not sealed properly and allow water to get into your basement.

Many bathroom remodelers choose to install bathtub replacement above their existing plumbing. This is a great idea because the amount of work required to install a bathtub replacement with new piping and fixtures is less. Many Las Vegas bathroom remodeling will gladly install bathtub replacement piping over the plumbing that is currently in your bathroom.

Some plumbers will also suggest putting flooring over your old tub to protect it from flood damage as well as to make installation easier. The most durable type of flooring for a bathroom is rubber but any good contractor should be able to install this material using basic caulking and concrete sealer. The benefit of using a rubber replacement surface is that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Another option is a slate tile floor, which is extremely durable and long lasting. A thick layer of stone or marble can also be a great addition to protecting your bathtub replacement.

Most contractors recommend that you install bathtub replacement above the existing plumbing. The plumbing is available in different sizes but you generally want to leave around a foot of space between the existing pipes and the new pipe. Since a bathtub is typically made for a two-foot wide shower, this means that you can buy an expensive bathtub and still fit it in your house. Bathtubs range in price anywhere from one hundred to four hundred dollars so if this is the type of bathtub you are interested in you can easily find a good deal.