Exploring Different Types of Hardwood Flooring Options

Timeless, durable, and most of all beautiful, hardwood flooring attracts homeowners of all styles and ages. They are also very easy to maintain and clean, as they do not harbor dust, pet dander, and other dandruff-causing substances. Modern hardwood flooring nowadays are also created using ultra-durative finishes which are scratch, stain, and scuff-resistant.

Hardwood flooring in Denver is available in different design, price, size, style, color, and quality. Based on factors such as durability, maintenance required, traffic flow, appeal, or location, the hardwood flooring is classified into four main categories: maple flooring, pine flooring, oak flooring, cherry hardwood flooring, walnut hardwood flooring, laminate hardwood flooring, bamboo hardwood flooring. Maple flooring is durable and strong but is usually installed by the DIY method. It has a maple finish that can be left natural or light maple. It can withstand wear and tear well.

For an elegant and sophisticated hardwood flooring installation, hardwood flooring made from reclaimed hardwood such as maple and oak will look best. These planks are relatively cheaper than other hardwood species. For a more economical installation, hardwood flooring made from second-hand or recycled hardwood such as Pine, Cherry, Oak, or Walnut can be used. These planks are not only good for flooring, but also for furniture, shelving, and wall planks.

Hardwood flooring planks are typically cut to measure. The minimum dimension is 24 inches. Some floors are installed over existing floors because the subfloor must be completely level or else cracks might occur. In this case, extra measures need to be taken to ensure that the floor is even.

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and grain patterns. Each one varies slightly in appearance. The color and type of stain are the most important factors when choosing hardwood flooring options. Each grain variation will add a character to the floor.

When choosing hardwood flooring, it is important to consider both initial purchase price and extended lead times. Initial prices will be higher than extended lead times, but long-term savings may actually be realized if the floor is kept in good condition. Damage to the hardwood flooring can be repaired easily with wax, varnish, or cleaning agents. For flooring that requires extensive care, like those requiring full or partial refinishing, extended lead times are necessary. With proper maintenance, hardwood flooring options can enhance the ambiance of any room. Click here for more.