How to Use Trade Show Display Design to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales

The choice of your trade show display is critical to your overall success. It is vital to be able to clearly define the goals for your exhibit. What do you hope to accomplish through participation and how many shows will you be participating in each year? Do you require one or several trade shows exhibits to meet all your presenting requirements at various events? There are a number of other questions to ask as well.

When choosing a provider for your trade show display, it’s important to think about both your budget and the type of exhibit displays you require. Exhibitors with limited resources may find it advantageous to select booths that do not require an exhibit technician to assemble or install. If you have an extremely limited budget, you may also find it beneficial to utilize modular exhibits, portable exhibits, and pop up exhibits. Modular exhibits offer an exhibit builder as well as the ability to move your exhibits from one location to another, while portable exhibits can be easily folded for storage during the off-season. Pop up exhibits allow you to attract the attention of the most people with less physical effort, while folding down portable exhibits are perfect for those who wish to save space and make a statement without spending a fortune.

Once you have narrowed down the types of exhibits you’ll need to participate in each trade show display, it’s time to start thinking about style. Do you want simple, rectangular displays, or are you looking for something a bit more stylish? Are you looking for a combination of letters, numbers, stars, colors, or shapes on your display? All these choices are important when choosing your trade show displays.

Trade show exhibits also come in a wide variety of styles. Banner stands are often associated with the image of a company, but new design trends in banner stands and pop up displays offer companies a range of new possibilities. Pop up exhibits offer ease of use for the exhibitor, and they’re great for attracting new attention. Exhibitors looking for a high impact style may choose banner stands, while those who prefer a simple, clean display may prefer pop up exhibits. You can even choose a combination of both new and old trade show display styles, for more details on that click here.

One of the most important elements of any trade show exhibit is the way your booth is set up. You need to think about how visitors will see your exhibits. Will the majority of traffic to pass through the front door, or is the back wall the ideal place for potential leads? Does the color scheme of your displays reflect the kind of business you have, or are you able to change the look of your booth to encourage more conversation with potential customers? If you’re not sure what kind of set up works best for your business, consult with trade show specialists who can help you set up your exhibits and can make suggestions for other ways to enhance your displays.

A key element of a successful marketing strategy for your brand is the number and size of your trade shows exhibits. The larger your booth, the more potential customers you will attract, and the more people you’ll be exposed to. Consider pop up displays for your trade shows, and retractable banner stands as well. These are just a few of the different options available for you to set up your trade show booth in a way that highlights your brand and catches the attention of your visitors. Choose the right display options for your needs, and you’ll soon see a boost in brand awareness and sales.